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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:United States of America
I started this journal mainly to feed my addiction to the new Battlestar Galactica series. Since then, it has morphed into more of a personal journal. I've discovered that "fandom" really isn't something for me, and I have less time for TV than I used to. I currently (as of September 2011) watch Buffy and Torchwood on Netflix and The Wire and Mad Menon DVD.

I am a very proud supporter and volunteer for Caleb's Hope (see my links), a non-profit started by actress Holly Elissa Dignard to empower former child soldiers, women, and child mothers - many living with HIV/AIDs - in East Africa. Please donate your money or time and, when they are available buy the beads.

I also am the admin of the webite All About Tahmoh Penikett as well as Tahmoh's Facebook fanpage. Again, see my links.

I have a son with ADHD and a husband with many health problems. I also have a full-time job that I like but that is pretty stressful. I tend to complain a lot, these days, which is not my favorite thing to do on my journal, but I don't really feel I have a lot of space to complain to people in my "real life" as my closest friends and family members life far away and have their own issues to deal with. So, LJ gets it.

My Caleb's Hope and rare fandom posts are (mainly) public, but anything about my family is flocked. So, if you would rather not see the doting mom posts or rants about about life, just let me know and I won't friend you back. I will be hesitant to friend you if I don't know you well in order to protect my privacy and that of my family.

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